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TEAM & Culture:

What it means to be an employee of Archdesign.

TEAM & Culture:

Welcome to an inside look at our employees and the collaborative team that we have built.

The phrase “work to live, not live to work” rings true for us. Our business and work are critical to us, but we also understand the need for balance in all aspects of life. Our company and team reflect that philosophy. Some of our clients adopt the work-to-live philosophy and bring that balanced mindset to the project when hiring us. This is when true magic happens.

Garold and Amanda started Archdesign and set out to create a business where employees are excited to show up to every day. A company that supports and encourages growth and celebrates employees’ successes. At Archdesign, we are constantly striving to create an environment that fosters a healthy work/life balance. We believe that balance is essential to a healthy team culture. Our employees are excited to show up for their day and take great pride in their craft.

“We work with Garold and his team a lot. The Archdesign team is always on schedule without fail and they are incredibly accommodating. We can depend on them to complete the project on time!”
--Rob Rourke, Flooring Superstore, Cranbrook

Our company’s success is built around the space we provide our employees; a working environment where the team can collaborate and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Producing the best possible product is non-negotiable at Archdesign, so we need everyone on our team doing their best work. Everybody benefits when we’re all at our best.

“The atmosphere at Archdesign is incredibly welcoming and inclusive. Professionalism and customer service are a top priority for the team, but we always find time to laugh together and enjoy ourselves”.

Our team has a ton of experience in the industry and is all the very best at what they do. From dreaming up the design to project management, installation and customer service, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and every employee at Archdesign offers something unique to our dynamic, and we aim to support our employee’s growth and celebrate every one of their successes.

In our eyes, individual success leads to large-scale success and long-term business sustainability. We feel that true success comes from building relationships that will last for years to come, long after the project is completed.

Besides spending time together during working hours, we also make time to see each other outside of the office.

We’ve started our own company slow-pitch team where we can all get together outside of the daily grind, let off steam, and build stronger relationships with one another.

Being a small business that got our start in the Kootenays, we are fortunate to be surrounded by people who share similar values. We have made something special here at Archdesign. It comes down to much more than just designing kitchens and building cabinets.

We’ve created a family, one that we will continue to build.

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